Hana’s Daycare curriculum is designed to build strong foundations for little ones aged 6 weeks -12 months. The curriculum takes into consideration the latest early brain development research to offer activities that emphasize language, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. Hands-on activities include reading stories for infants, repeating songs and rhymes, making the right eye contact, light activities to help them identify matter and colors and develop their fine motor skills. All material used (books, puzzles, toys) will be soft and safe.




Hana’s Daycare Curriculum for toddlers will be specific for the age group 12-24 months. The curriculum is designed to develop different areas of cognitive knowledge, as well as the physical capacities for toddlers. A wide range of different activities will help children identify different features and body parts. The toddlers will be exposed to different colors, letters, numbers and shapes to build a solid foundation in their brains for future learning. They will be performing group projects and activities in accordance with our weekly theme. While learning and working in group, toddlers will be provided character education to learn how to behave with other children and develop their social skills.




Hana’s Daycare Curriculum for two-year-old children will focus on their verbal skills. The curriculum will incorporate play, imagination, science, sensory and art. Children will explore and learn through their senses. They will learn the alphabets, different words associated with different letters to expand their vocabulary. Activities will include pre-writing, music, colors, learning how to count, identifying animals, flowers and trees. Materials used will include engaging printables, books with a lot of photos, and graphic stories.




Hana’s Daycare Curriculum for three-year-old children will focus on their motor skills, along with other areas of learning. Three year olds are full of wonder and they want to observe, explore and imitate. Their imagination is working all the time and they are interested in perfecting the motor skills that they found challenging when they were two years old. At this age, they hold a crayon better and can draw better. They will have better understanding of stories told to them and they can engage in conversations, using full sentences. A great deal of the activities will be turned towards developing the children’s communications skills.




Hana’s Daycare Pre-K curriculum will equip children for school. They will engage in group activities. They will also learn math, science, vocabulary and social skills. Children will learn to write their first and last name in print, using correct technique in letter formation without using aids or highlighters. They will acquire the skills of sounding out words by letter, recognizing the first letter in a word by sound. In the area of science, children will also be able to name the four seasons and identify at least two characteristics of each season. In math, they will be able to count and write numbers. The teaching method will foster the cognitive development of each child through weekly thematic presentation of concepts, skill enrichment and circle time.  


 A summary and detailed lesson plan is sent on a daily basis in a report to parents, specifying what was taught throughout the day and what skills the children were able to demonstrate.

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